Water softeners in Godalming

The historic market town of Godalming in Surrey lies on both banks of the River Wey. The town dates back to early Saxon history, where it was mentioned in a will in the year 899. Famous sons and daughters of Godalming include the author, Aldous Huxley, the famous gardener of the early 20th Century, Gertrude Jekyll and musicians, Peter Gabriel and Tony Banks of the band Genesis, who both went to school there. Like other towns in the region, Godalming was an important market town in ancient times. It is now a very popular, upmarket residential town thanks to the good connections to London in terms of public transport.

Hard water is a common problem in South England and Godalming is no exception. Our devices do not depend on electricity, which means they continue to function, even during power cuts and they are simple to operate. There are no complex electronic components and there is no need for programming. The result is absolutely reliable water softeners which, thanks to two completely separate tanks, ensure a constant supply of softened water. Whilst one tank is performing the softening process, you are using the softened water from the other tank. Limescale in domestic water is often the cause of malfunctions in household appliances such as kettles, coffee machines, washing machines, dishwashers and boilers. While descaling products are relatively effective, it is annoying to have to use them all the time and expensive in the long run. Water Softener Services is one of the most active water softener installers in Godalming. Contact us to find out about our compact, intelligent solutions for beautifully soft water in the future.