Water softeners in Guildford

The White Cliffs of Dover on England’s eastern coastline are both beautiful and iconic. You may, however, be surprised to learn that the white chalk that forms these cliffs is the exact same substance as the limescale in your bathroom and kitchen. Chalk is a form of limestone, made up of crystalline calcium carbonate. When calcium carbonate is dissolved in water, it is known as “hard water”. Limescale occurs when this hard water evaporates and the calcium carbonate is left behind, which builds up over time. This is an annoying and often costly problem, necessitating constant maintenance and repairs to pipes, taps, kettles and hot-water central heating systems. Limescale build-up may also reduce the efficiency of your hot water system.

The River Thames flows through chalk aquifers and hills, dissolving and transporting calcium carbonate as it travels. In Surrey, the Thames forms the River Wey, a major water supplier to Guildford homes and businesses (source: https://www.thameswater.co.uk/save-water/15183.htm). The effect of this is that Guildford water contains, on average, over 210 parts per million of calcium carbonate (source: http://secure.thameswater.co.uk/water-quality-reports/2012%20WQ%20Report_Z0160_guildford%20north%20&%20south%20west.pdf ). This means that the water in the area is classified as “hard”, with limescale being a common problem for Guildford residents.

For those who are struggling with limescale, a water softener can save a lot of time and money. Water softeners help prevent limescale by addressing its very cause, removing pesky calcium carbonate and other minerals from the water. Other benefits of water softening include the elimination of soap scum in baths, sinks and showers, and soap residues on your skin, hair and laundry. We at Bob Sargeant’s Water Softener Services Ltd are a local, independent family company. Based in Guildford, we’ve been installing water softeners in Guildford homes and companies for over 40 years.

So if you’re looking for water softener installers Guildford wide, give us a call! We’d love to hear from you and help you make limescale and other problems associated with hard water a thing of the past.