Water Softener Installations

We offer professional installations by our very own skilled engineers or can supply softeners complete with fitting kit and free commissioning for DIY installations.

For domestic installations, we offer several options including filters, purifiers and bypass setups all tailored to your requirements. You can have your choice of tap and we will always endeavour to install our machines in your preferred location with minimal fuss.

We can work with any scale of commercial operation, incorporating servicing and a rapid response service if you require it.


Typical Plumbing Layout

Water Softeners can be installed in a variety of locations









Drinking Water

Drinking Water

Hard water for drinking purposes can be maintained at your kitchen sink. You may choose to have a separate drinking tap or upgrade to a Triflow Mixer tap with a drinking water filter.

Moving House?

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You may want to leave the past behind but not your water softener. Your MEGA-TWIN can easily be disconnected and re-installed in your new home to keep up the same supply of beautifully soft water wherever you go.