Water softeners in Richmond

The Borough of Richmond upon Thames is the only borough in London that is situated on both sides of the Thames. This attractive borough has several very famous buildings and facilities including Hampton Court Palace and Twickenham Stadium. The excellent public transport possibilities and the good infrastructure of schools, sports clubs and facilities make it a favourite residential area for commuters. Like many other parts of Outer London, the domestic water supply has a high percentage of limescale, which results in a build-up of lime on and surfaces that come into direct contact with the water, including water pipes, household appliances etc. Left untreated, this build-up of lime can lead to premature failure of appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines and kettles. Descaling is a tedious process that can become expensive in the long run.

Our water-softening devices are compact, effective and easy to operate. They require no electricity to operate, which means that your supply of beautiful, soft water is not dependent on the power supply. The intelligent double-tank design also ensures that you always have a supply of soft water, because while the water in the one tank is being used, the other tank is performing the softening process. With our water softeners, there is no complicated installation and no programming required. Only salt has to be added from time to time, and due to the highly compact, light-weight salt blocks from Bob Sargeant’s Water Softener Services, refilling doesn’t involve carrying heavy bags or rationing. The see-though lid enables you to check the salt level without even opening the device and should a refill be necessary, all you have to do is lift the lid and pop in the salt block. Bob Sargeant’s Water Softener Services is one of the most experienced water softener installers Richmond residents can turn too in order to solve their hard water problems. We would be delighted to visit you in your home to advise you of your options.