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We offer the servicing, repair & installation of all makes of water softener and drinking water systems.

Repairs are normally carried out in your home, or can be factory repaired on full refurbishment.

Some of the systems we service and maintain…

Supplied Brands

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Non Electric Water Softeners

The Mega Twin System is the most highly recommended. It is able to use the block salt format which has proved both economic and easy to handle.

The system incorporates twin ion exchange resin cylinders and twin in-built water meters that work accurately on a demand only basis, according to the premises’ water consumption. It operates without electricity and will maintain softened water at all times during peak demand, whilst ensuring salt consumption is kept to a minimum during low demand. Incidentally, these systems never need servicing and only use 17 litres of waste water during the 12 minute regeneration cycle.

This is the most up-to-date block salt softener manufactured and has been especially designed to be compatible with combination boilers and mega-flow hot water systems that are now being installed in all new properties.

The Mega Twin also comes with a 10 year parts and 5 year labour guarantee.

Will it fit? Of course it will!

The Mega Twin Water Softener is compact enough to fit under your kitchen sink and supply soft water throughout your home.



Electric softeners

 Electric Water Softeners

All other water softeners still use tablet or granular salt and require an electrical supply, they are available as timer or meter control and work on a fully automatic night-time regeneration basis. These systems will need a service overhaul every 2-3 years at an approximate cost of £50.00 +vat

What is the Difference Between Electric and Non-electric Water Softeners?

Non-electric metering is more precise. Electric water softeners can only regenerate at night as it is a single cylinder. Twin cylinders allow softened water to be available 24/7. Non-electric softeners use block salt, electric water softeners use tablets.

1 month = 2 x blocks = £5

1 month = 1 bag of tablets = £9

Commercial softeners

Commercial Water Softeners

Schools and Colleges


Hospitals and Care Homes

Hotels and Offices

Leisure Centres, Sports Clubs and Golf Clubs

Restaurants, Pubs and Clubs


We are experts for commercial water softeners. To meet the daily demands of high water usage and flow rates